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DCU, Inc. to Expand in Wylie



For Immediate Release                                                 For More Information Contact:
September 20, 2017                                                        Sam Satterwhite at 972-442-7901


DCU, Inc. to construct new facility In Wylie

Wylie, Texas - September 20, 2017 - The Wylie Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is proud to announce that DCU, Inc. plans to construct a new 11,200 square foot facility in Regency Business Park.

Due to redevelopment activities, DCU, a legacy Wylie business for more than 20 years, was contemplating possible relocation outside of city limits. WEDC staff worked with the Board of Directors to help develop a performance agreement designed to retain this business within the Wylie Community.  On September 20, 2017, the WEDC Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a $100,000 performance agreement to support DCU’s investment toward a new production facility in Regency Business Park.

"The new construction, installation of utilities, site development, and overall relocation expenses were all determining factors in our analysis. The WEDC Board did not want to lose such a unique manufacturing company,” stated assistant director Jason Greiner. “Helping small businesses, especially manufacturing and primary employers, is a no-brainer but having the ability to retain these companies and help them flourish in Wylie is a key role for our business retention program,” he continued. 

“We worked hard to find a solution that would address the immidiate issues associated with constructing a new facility, while structuring a program that would support their long-term success in the new location,” stated executive director Sam Satterwhite.  “In the end, we believe retaining this business and securing this investment in Wylie was a positive step for both the business and the community.  The new construction adds over $1MM to the tax rolls in Regency Business Park." he added. 

About DCU, Inc.

DCU Inc. is a privately owned and operated manufacturer of aerospace engineering models for clients spanning government, military and industrial business applications.  They started operation in Anaheim, California, in 1982 and relocated to Wylie, Texas in 1995.  For more information please visit their website: www.dcumodels.com.

About the Wylie Economic Development Corporation:

Over the years, the WEDC has worked with the City of Wylie to become a catalyst for revitalization of under developed properties along our major thoroughfares. Aside from the overall cleanup project, DCU's relocation is one of the last steps needed before the full redevelopment near Hwy 78 & FM 544 can begin. The 544 Gateway project will result in a clean, shovel ready property and clear a path for new restaurant pad sites along FM 544. The north side of the nearly 13-acre site can be used for medical, office, warehouse or overall flex space. 

The Wylie Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is funded through a citywide half-cent sales tax that is funded by over 220,000 local area residents.  The WEDC facilitates corporate relocations, local expansions of existing businesses, retail/commercial development and revitalization projects that lead to the creation of new jobs and the generation of additional tax revenue for the community.

For more information, visit www.WylieEDC.com.