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Retail Trade Area

Retail Trade Area

We placed a variety of Retail Trade Area (RTA) data on this page for your convenience. Below you will find various demographic reports, traffic counts, and corresponding maps.

For more information, please contact us at 972-442-7901 or email us.

Market Analysis (conducted by The Retail Coach)

ESRI Demographic Data is available for the Community, local Businesses/Workforce, and Labor Market. Please follow the link to Demographics & Data.

Current Developments

Future Developments

Traffic Counts


About The Retail Coach

The Retail Coach, LLC, is a national retail analytics and locational intelligence firm that specializes in all aspects of retail market analyses and recruitment, from “macro to micro” trade area assessment to actively recruiting retailers on behalf of our clients.

Through its unique Retail:360 process, The Retail Coach offers a dynamic system of products and services that better enable communities to maximize their retail development potential.

Retail:360 Process

Providing more than simple data reports of psychographic and demographic trends, The Retail Coach goes well beyond other retail consulting and market research firms’ offerings by combining current national and statewide demographics and trend data with real-world, “on-the-ground” data gathered through extensive visits within our clients’ communities.

Every community is different, and there is no “one size fits all” retail recruitment solution. Compiling the gathered data into client-tailored information packets that are uniquely designed for, and targeted to, specific retailers and restaurants who meet the community’s needs helps assure our clients that they are receiving the latest and best information for their retail recruitment efforts — all with personal service and coaching guidance that continues beyond the initial project scope and timeline.

TRC's Retail:360 process assures that communities get timely, accurate and relevant information. Translating that data into the information that retailers need and seek assures our clients even better possibilities for tremendous retail growth and success.




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