Research, Data & Mapping

Listed below are a number of tools and resources to aid in the early stages of research whether you are looking to establish or expand your business in Wylie. Further resources related to demographic data, traffic counts or custom mapping can be provided upon request.

City Mapping

The City of Wylie holds multiple tools for mapping for future land use, zoning, and utilities on the planning and zoning page on the City’s website. GIS mapping tools can be found on their online mapping portal.


 Further data pertaining to the city’s demographics, retail demographic, and traffic counts can be found in the hyperlinked pages.

CCGAD GIS Mapping Software

Tied to the Collin County Appraisal District, this program conducts property research and allows for concise data and maps to be gathered about specific properties.

NCTCOG Mapping Software

 Census data information can be found within a refined radius at 

Further Information

If the listed sources do not meet your needs in respect to data and mapping. Please contact us here so our team can best fulfill your needs.