Collin County Growth

Located in the southern part of Collin County, Wylie is positioned in one of the fastest growing regions in the state of Texas. In 2022 alone, Collin County gained nearly 41,000 new residents and the area is expected to grow to more than 1.2 million residents by 2028. This change will further be substantiated with the expectation that the number of jobs in the area will increase to over 1.6 million.

Residents Expected by 2028
Jobs Expected by 2035

Such growth requires radical changes to transportation infrastructure to account for increased traffic flow as well as accounting for the entry and expansion of new and existing businesses to the region. Initiatives such as the Collin County Mobility Plan (CCMP) continue to propose, research, and enact the expansion of roadway capacities and the incorporation of public transportation services as well as paths for pedestrians and bikers. Proposals such as the Blacklands Corridor and the ongoing construction of the Collin County Outer Loop will aid Wylie's accessibility both to other regions of the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex as well as the rest of the State of Texas and the greater United States.

As the construction and execution of these plans continues to take place, the Wylie Economic Development Corporation remains active in coming alongside your business for expansion, growth, and relocation to Wylie. For further insight into the expected growth and projects taking place in Wylie and Collin County and how they could help your business, please contact the Wylie Economic Development Corporation’s staff.