Tax Rates

The Wylie Economic Development Corporation recognizes that the financial cost of doing business can greatly affect where you choose to do business. The state of Texas along with the city of Wylie have a wide range of tax incentives coupled with no state income tax for companies of all sizes in all stages. The Wylie Economic Development Corporation wants to come alongside your business to aid you in taking advantage of these incentives and tax programs so your business can best flourish in our community.

Property Tax Rate

  • City of Wylie:  .538882

  • Wylie ISD:  1.212500

  • Collin County:  .149343

  • Collin College:  .081220

Local Sales Tax Rate

  • State - 6.25%

  • City of Wylie - 1.00%

  • Wylie Economic Development Corporation - 0.50%

  • 4B Parks, Recreation and Library - 0.50%

  • Total Sales Tax - 8.25%

Hotel Tax Rate

  • State - 6.00%

  • Local - 7.00%

  • Total Hotel Tax - 13.00%

Mixed Beverage Tax Rate

  • Gross Receipts Tax - 6.70% Paid by Permit Holder

  • Mixed Beverage Sales Tax - 8.25%

  • Total Collected by State - 14.95%

  • City of Wylie receives 10.71% of total Mixed Beverage Taxes collected by the state.

Wylie Property Tax Calculator

To better understand potential property tax rates, please consult the City of Wylie's Property Tax Calculator.